“It’s Not About Us”

~ A Co-parenting Survival Guide to Taking the High Road ~

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It’s Not About Us!


“If parents want their kids to be okay through a divorce, then they have to be okay through it, and there has to be someone out there who needs to hear that kind of story.”

– Darlene Taylor

Darlene Taylor - It's Not About Us
A Co-parenting survival guide to taking the high road

It’s Not About Us

If you had told Darlene Taylor that she’d pack her bags after a rocky divorce to move across the country at the request of her ex-husband, she would have laughed in your face and asked to sip whatever it was you were drinking. But that’s exactly what happened—and it changed the course of her family.

Part memoir, part survival guide, It’s Not About Us shares with hilarious honesty her imperfect attempts at forging a new path for her family after divorce. Taylor provides fifteen nuggets of co-parenting wisdom, including:

  •  When to make decisions solo and when to consult your ex
  •  One thing children of divorce don’t want you to say
  •  How family and friends can help
  •  The surprising lesson from a boyfriend’s ex-wife
  •  The most impactful decision you can make

Redefine your family in new and positive ways—and build a better co-parenting relationship than you imagined.

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Taylor’s book, “It’s Not About Us: A Co-parenting Survival Guide to Taking the High Road” is a memoir of her own journey co-parenting and offers advice and tips she’s learned along the way. Watch interview

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Co-Parenting After Divorce: Author Darlene Taylor shares her powerful story of embracing compromise and respect

Noteworthy Awards

BookFest Award Winner – 1st Place

2023 BookFest First Place Award Winner in the Parenting Self-Help / Relationships & Communication genre

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Pair it with the Journal!

In her book, It’s Not About Us, Darlene Taylor shares with hilarious honesty her imperfect attempts at taking the high road in co-parenting after divorce. Now Taylor walks alongside co-parents to face the next challenge: once you decide to take the high road in co-parenting, how do you stay there?

A Guided Journal for Staying on the High Road paves the way for maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship. The beautiful, claiming pages include:

  •  Reflection questions to remain focused on your children
  • Fifteen “Hard-won Wisdoms” to guide your family’s healing
  • Inspirational quotes to stay motivated
  • Self-care ideas to prioritize your well-being
  • Mental health check-ins to stay emotionally balanced
  • Parenting affirmations to build confidence
  • Prompts to practice living in gratitude
  • and so much more!

It’s the perfect gift idea for co-parents, friends, or family members who are ready to redefine their families in new and positive ways after divorce.

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