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Darlene Taylor is a first-time author whose superpower is helping people see the very best in themselves and achieve things they never thought possible. Her upcoming book “It’s Not About Us” is a Co-parenting Survival Guide for Taking the High Road.

Since 2010, Darlene has worked as the conductor of the crazy train called post-divorce parenting, hoping that her ten years of experience as a clinical social worker would keep the train from derailing. She has managed to keep the train on the tracks while rocking out this mom thing and learning a few things along the way.

Some of Darlene’s best work came through shaping young minds as a Gender Studies professor at the University of Cincinnati and helping people become the best version of themselves as a personal trainer and wellness coach. These days, she is doing her part to leave the world better than she found it through her work as a diversity consultant, co-parenting, and life transitions coach.

Realizing her own strengths and passion for inspiring others, Darlene has moved to the next phase of her career by writing her first book and hosting speaking engagements so she can continue to motivate others on a bigger stage.

When she is not writing, you can find Darlene hanging with her daughter in Los Angeles and dividing her free time between obstacle course races, the beach, and the tennis




Open to Authentic Connection

We can’t authentically connect with others
unless we have a really strong sense of who we are. I am passionate about helping
others see, understand, and appreciate the unique treasure that they are so they can
make those authentic connections we all seek.


Empowering people to move forward

When we are in touch with our
passions and also know how to leverage our innate strengths, then we are empowered
to live out our purpose. My passion is Coaching, educating and inspiring others to create the life they want and live out the potential in every aspect of their lives


Living with Intention

When we are grounded in who we are, connected and empowered to create the life we want, we are living with intentionality. We show up in our relationships differently and we align our actions and words with the purpose
in our lives and who we know we are. Everything we do is from a conscious decision to create the happiness we want in our lives.

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Darlene Taylor - It's Not About Us

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I’m a first-time Author!

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Coach others toward success

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I call Alaska home!

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Divorce is messy. Co-parenting is messy. Divorce + Co-parenting together can seem altogether like your spinning your wheels.

In It’s Not About Us, I give you a glimpse into my own co-parenting sturggles and journey, and the 15 hard-won wisdoms that I believe will help you get to your co-parenting high road.