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I believe that if we are the same person on this date next year as we are today then we have wasted a year. We are always growing, and always changing.

We go through hardships and triumphs and everything that we experience changes us. Coming out of each of these is like a rebirth. We shed things that are no longer working for us and welcome things that are stretching us to grow. The things we experience strengthen us… sometimes they strengthen our resolve to change, and sometimes they teach us valuable lessons we need for the next step of our journey, but all of them give us the fortitude to live our purpose.

We are limitless when we are living our purpose, intentionally, empowered, and connected. We are the best versions of ourselves and anything we want is within reach.

My work is all about teaching and sharing ways we can become grounded, and at our best to show up in love for the people in our lives and all that we do.

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It’s Not About Us – A Co-Parenting Survival Guide to Taking the High Road

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Let’s Talk About It

So, I wrote a Book!

I just wrote my first book, “It’s Not About Us – A Survival Guide to Taking the High Road,” and I am so excited for the world to read it. It’s about my post-divorce choice to take the high road so my ex and I could co-parent our daughter the way she deserved to be raised. 

Trust me, I had many moments where I asked myself “how the heck did we get here”. But one thing’s for sure, if I hadn’t taken those same moments to ask myself if I was putting my child first, I wouldn’t have learned the most important lesson a parent can learn: It’s Not About Us.

I wrote the book in an effort to pass on some of the life lessons this journey has taught me. My goal was to give hope to parents who are struggling to figure it all out and encourage them to keep working hard to get it right for their kids.

I’d love for you to read my book and share it with anyone going through any kind of separation where there are kids involved. But this book is not just for married couples going through divorce.

This book is for all of us who understand how important it is that all of the adults in a child’s life be committed to making sure they have the best outcomes, whether their parents are together or not. So this book it for everyone. My hope is that it helps families make hard, but good-for-you decisions…and reminds you that you are not alone.

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