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Darlene Taylor

The H.I.G.H. R.O.A.D. – a Two-Part Series on Finding and Mastering the Co-Parenting High Road.

What the heck is the “HIGH ROAD” & how do I get there? PART 1: Getting Your Head in the Game. According to Wiktionary, the high road is “a course of action which is dignified, honorable orrespectable. Well, if you have gone through a divorce or separation, you know full well thatthese three things are often in short supply. The…

Darlene Taylor | Dating & Relationships | Divorce

A Single Mom’s Perspective on Valentine’s Day & Dating After Divorce

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Being single on Valentine’s Day can really suck. It can be really, really tough, especially if it is on the heels of a divorce. Here you are, nursing a broken heart, and everywhere you look, you are being reminded of what you lost and feared you might never have again. Dealing with these feelings…


Helicopter Co-Parenting

Am I second guessing every decision that my parenting partner makes? Want a surefire way to drive your parenting partner absolutely crazy and ensure unnecessarydrama between the two of you? Become a helicopter co-parent. While helicopter parents areoverly involved and micromanage every aspect of their children’s lives often to their detriment,the co-parenting version is even more damaging. Not sure if…

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