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Darlene Taylor

Feature: 8 Ways To Help Make The Transition To Co-Parenting As Smooth As Possible

Author, co-parenting educator and advocate, Darlene Taylor, spoke with Graham Techler of Fatherly to talk about 8 ways to prioritizing a smooth co-parenting transition, and finding value in the new version of your parenting relationship. In the Fatherly article, you can read Darlene’s advice on: Find the full article on Fatherly here. You can find more co-parenting, divorce, and embracing…

Darlene Taylor

Women’s Journal: Advice for Joe Jonahs and Sophia Turner Divorce

Author, parenting expert, and co-parenting coach, Darlene Taylor, spoke with Women’s Journal to talk about the pitfalls of celebrity divorces and the repercussions for their children. Darlene offers advice and tips for couples on ways to create a loving and supportive environment for their two small children. In the Women’s Journal article, you can read Darlene’s advice on: Read the…


Helicopter Co-Parenting

You have to honestly ask yourself, “Am I second-guessing every decision that my parenting partner makes?“ Want a surefire way to drive your parenting partner absolutely crazy and ensure unnecessarydrama between the two of you? Become a helicopter co-parent. While helicopter parents areoverly involved and micromanage every aspect of their children’s lives often to their detriment,the co-parenting version is even…

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